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About Kathryn

Hi I’m Kathryn but I go by Katie. I’m a self taught freelance photographer. I’ve been taking photos since before I can remember; it’s my passion in life. Looking at a photo for me is like reading a book, it tells a story. As a photographer I analyze a photo, the light in it, the composition and the story it tells. That’s why I love photography, no matter how hard you try you can never take the exact same picture twice, and each picture you take can say a thousand words. I’m here to capture life in all it’s real raw imperfections. To capture you and your story.

My husband and I live on a hay and cattle ranch where our days are spent outdoors, in the dirt on horseback. It’s not uncommon for me to stop right in the middle of what we’re doing on the ranch due to a good photo opportunity. Whether its a perfect sunset or the cows in just the right place, I consider it a challenge to capture that perfect shot. I prefer to take candid lifestyle moments rather than poses.